i love breakfast! especially when in the city that serves it all day. it’s real comforting that they’re there waiting, ur 2 eggs..and the refillable coffee, 24/7.  when in ny, my first breakfast, and last, has got to be @ balthaza, a friendly all day french diner that serves the best egg benedict (as far as i had).

eggs florentine w. spinach and artichokes i ordered that morning..also came w. yummy sautéed potato under

the must order ‘eggs norwegian’..i never tasted hollandaise sauce so soft and melt in the mouth..the muffin under promises to stay crunchy ’til ur last bite.  thumps up!

another reason i love ny is you can find ur morning bubbles at any breakfast joint.  mimosa that morning tasted just perfect!

Balthaza is at 80 Spring St, New York 10012 (Btwn Broadway & Crosby St)

a lil lower on the east, ‘peels’, a cute cute eatery and a must visit..my apt host recommended the place and am glad he did..there’s also biscuit, muffins (including rosemary muffin), and rice crispy treat for takeaway just to name a few..yummm!

my sister ordered the ‘farmer breakfast’..fried eggs, applewood smoked bacon, hashbrown, and pre-buttered bread (great for all the lazies!)

for myself, ‘spa eggs’..egg white omelet, sautéed spinach, and goat cheese..alright, but wasn’t quite as good as it sounds

Peel is locating at  325 Bowery and 2nd st.
Peels on Urbanspoon

for early bites and coffee, grab any bagel and spreads u can think of (cinnamon raisin, garlic, multigrain, onion, blah blah blah, even organic wheat and sesami..omg u name it!)  my favorite combination is garlic bagel w. scallion cream cheese (sometimes also w. lox)

eggs, pastries, and sandwiches are also served..come come..

there’re a couple of murray’s outlets throughout the city..my favorite spot is at 6th ave. between 12th and 13th street because it’s around the corner of my old college.

Murray's Bagels


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