down in tribeca, i found an extraordinary gem ‘bouley’ (name after the chef/owner david bouley). with the lovely decorations and greens, i felt as though being transported out from the city, right to some elegant restaurant in a french country side.

starting off w. some refreshment..

our 1st dish was organic heirloom tomato with robiolina, tomato coulis, raspberry vinegar, orange powder, and almond oil dressing.  speaking of freshness, omg..did they just pick these heirloom off the backyard.  it tasted refreshingly sweet and amazing.  this put me and my brother into a big ‘hmmmmmmm..’

‘chatham blue fin’ marinated japanese turnip, spicy radish, yuzu-miso dressing..great quality of maguro in the similar manner w. the heirloom i supposed..surrounded by mini dots of pink and green dressings.  these dots meant a lot! do not waste any!

white french asparagus and roasted green asparagus with pencil asparagus basil dressing in a comté cloud..delightful!

‘garlic and almond soup’ w. parsley root and puree with shitake mushrooms..tasted gentle, yet the aroma of the almond can almost be smelt w. the tongue.

my star of the meal, besides the heirloom of course, was ‘porcini flan’ w. dungeness crab and black truffle dash. poor me, they were out of the crab that noon, but bravo for everything else that’s still there. the porcini was soft and bouncy like (felt almost like namaeko mushroom which i love).  the soup tasted light and refreshing and for some reason i was also signaled a hint of orange peel under the truffle.  very very unique indeed..

next was my brother’s ‘pennsylvania all natural chicken’ served w. blue kale and black truffle gnocci in dijon, chive and hyssop sauce.  tender chicken, the sauce was ok..

my main course was ‘organic long island duckling’. roasted with chamomile honey, balinese pepper, chinese mustard cabbage, baby flat spinach with buckwheat. loved it! love the gorgeously cooked color/tenderness and the complimenting slices of pear that came under..love the lightness of the sauce, it felt like spring.  wonder if he’ll ever open a branch in bangkok..

just saw this yummy alight (melted langres & monte enebro cheeses in mashed) on martha steward..it’s complimenting our next dish.

organic colorado rack of lamb soubise of cippolini, zucchini mint pureé, black truffle sauce..they really do know how to cook meat..3 different sauces, pick a favorite 😀

then again the sorbets before we’re starting our real desserts

mine was the platter of french/italian/domestic cheese

if u love chocolate as much as i do, u would go crazy for this one. . ‘chocolate frivolous’..chocolate brûléé, chocolate parfait, chocolate-hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate-souffle and a praline ice cream with chocolate sorbet..definitely put a continuous smile in my heart

mini complimentaries if your stomach still has any room to fit them..

even the ladies room is gorgeous..can i live in here?
love love hydrengea!

what’s darling about bouley’s food is the combination of fresh+exciting ingredients and how unique they smell.  along w. combination of excellencies in taste, service, and atmosphere. david bouley, i wanna give u more stars! i love u!

bouley is locating at 163 duane st. (hudson st) ny


Bouley on Urbanspoon


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